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Photoshoot Gift Card

A perfect gift for all celebrations in life.

$115 - half hour outdoor photoshoot , 10 - 15 edited photos
$150 - one hour outdoor photoshoot, 16 - 25 edited photos

How it Works:

1. Fill out the information in the questionnaire on this page. 

2. A paypal request for the total (plus paypal's 4% service fee) will be sent to your email. 


3. A gift card will be mailed to the address you provided. 

4. The person receiving the gift card can contact me to set up their photoshoot. They will not have to pay anything. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What if I change my mind and want a refund for the gift card I purchased?


A $10 gift card fee will be required in order to receive a refund. Your balance (minus $10) will be refunded to you.

2. What if the person receiving the gift card says they do not want it?

Refunds are only granted to the one who purchased the gift card. The one receiving the gift card can not ask to have the monetary value instead. They should let the person giving the gift know that they should request a refund.


3. If the person receiving the gift card would like to regift it to another person, can they do so? 

Absolutely! The person receiving the gift card can regift the card to another person. In order to do so, they must contact me and let me know they are doing so. Otherwise, I will only offer the paid photoshoot to the person who was originally given the gift card. 

4. How does the receiver book their photoshoot?

They can contact me at They will be required to sign a standard contract to save their date. Their photoshoot will be paid in full by the gifter and they will not have to pay anything. 

Success! Message received.

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