Life moves fast! Enjoy the little moments. I learned this lesson at 13 years old when our family of 6 moved from NY to NC and my life radically changed.


I now see it again with my baby boy Arlo who grows up a little more every week! Though I can't slow down time, through a little photography magic, I can preserve the moments I want to remember forever.


I want to give my baby the gift of memories, so when I'm gone he'll still have a piece of me telling him "I love you".  If I can give this gift to others, my life will be well spent.

Hi, I'm Alisha. 

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I studied storytelling through the camera at UNC School of Film Making.


Afterwards, I worked for a portrait company, where I learned how to pose kids for school portraits. I saw many forced smiles and wished I could capture them playing on the playground or having fun at home with their family instead.


I was lead to start my own business, empowering families to be unapologetically themselves in front of the camera.

I'm a photographer for the inspired mom who wants to give her children the gift of everlasting, genuine memories that tell their life story.


If that is you, say hello!

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-    Email:  -  Based in Winston-Salem, N.C , traveling around the U.S

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