I am a half white, half Puerto Rican cis woman who grew up in the North and moved to the South. Perhaps growing up in the juxtaposition of wildly different cultures made me an innate wall flower. My observation skills, empath powers and nature as an enneagram 4 w 3 (artist + achiever) propelled me into photography.


My photography skills fueled by your love will create an emotion invoking photo series of your life's story.


We would be a good match if you relate to the following:

  • You work well with introverted feminists.

  • You take a casual approach to life.

  • Your first priority is to enjoy the present.

  • You want a mixture of candid and posed photographs.

  • But you enjoy candid photos more. 

Activism is intertwined in all aspects of my life and I believe it's important to share what I learn on all of my platforms, including my business. 

Here are Winston-Salem Activist Groups I'd recommend:

Action 4 Equity

Drum Majors Alliance

Women of Action

Normalize Action


and you can find more at EquityForsyth

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