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10 Steps You Can Do To Make A Difference in Racial Equity

This information was pulled from I went through the pages of the following Winston-Salem organizations and compiled a list of things we can do besides post to social media:

  1. Educate Yourself on racism and systemic racial oppression. Google it! Read books, podcasts, you know how to research. Do it.

  2. Speak up in your personal circles. Spread education and awareness.

  3. Sign a Petition to request Forsyth County Officials to attend monthly town hall meetings on covid19 relief. There's a petition here and here.

  4. Allocate police funding into community development funding by emailing and calling our representatives (see Hate Out of Winston's Facebook page for more info)

  5. From the Facebook or Drum Majors Alliance : Redistribute Your Stimulus Check Money- If you don't need your stimulus check PLEASE redistribute the funds to a person, family, and/or grassroots organization that could REALLY use it! We specifically lift up the NC based grassroots group Siembra NC & their "Immigrant Solidarity Fund" effort. Consider donating in support of the many undocumented folks who despite the fact they are tax payers, will not receive a stimulus check. More info HERE.

  6. If you go to a church, ask your pastor to connect and organize a vision/action on social justice issues with a pastor of a Black church.

  7. Start attending school board meetings and pay attention to the racial issues that arise. Speak up.

  8. From Siembra NC: “I’m urging you to demand that the Department of Homeland Security Inspector General conduct an investigation into retaliation against detainees at Stewart, and to ensure your office receives weekly reports about safety measures being taken to protect North Carolinians housed at Stewart.” (Not sure about who your rep is? Click here )

We can do it!

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