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Hello 2016!

Welcoming the New Year is like smelling the fresh scent of clean laundry. The clothes are worn and loved, but now they are clean, fresh and ready for a new adventure.

Looking forward, I am upgrading my photography business for 2016. Thus, this blog! Come with me on my endeavor to share my experiences more intimately with you.

See the story behind every photoshoot and event. You will also get to know your photographer through stories from my personal life as I start my own family journey this year in Winston-Salem.

I’m currently on maternity leave until early March. I’m nesting like a mad-woman over my first child’s nursery. Stay tuned for my blog entry all about my nursery design. When he comes home, I’ll be sure to introduce him on the blog after his first photoshoot!

My personal goal for 2016? Stay on top of our 2016 family album! I’m with all you Mamas out there, who work hard to keep photos a priority so everyone can enjoy these precious moments for many years to come.

Here we come 2016!

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