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How to Prepare for a Headshot Session

The best headshots show the natural outward and inner beauty of a person. Here are a few tips on how to prepare for your session, which will help you get rid of the jitters and feel confident taking your portraits.

1. What to wear:

Whatever makes you feel confident and beautiful! Avoid graphics/logos, neon (as this reflects onto skin tone) and thin, small striped patterns (as these distort on camera). Other than that, anything goes! When in doubt, gem tones usually work well with all skin tones. Feel free to bring a few cardigan or top options that are easy to change into.

2. How to pose:

Don't! Just relax and be happy. I'll make minor adjustments in your posing based on the lighting and your best angles.

3. Makeup:

If you wear makeup, don't over do it for the camera. The camera can see fine! :) Feel free to bring lipstick, powder and a mirror for last minute touch ups.

4. How to Wear your Hair

Go for whatever style you feel beautiful in. I suggest if you have long hair, frame your face (whether that's wearing it down or half up) and bring a hair clip/band just incase. Feel free to bring hair spray for last minute strays.

5. Be confident and have fun!

The best smiles come from genuine happiness. "Think happy things and you will fly on wings!" - Peter Pan.

I'll show your photos to you as I take them so you can make any adjustments you'd like and feel confident in loving your new headshot.

I look forward to creating your new headshot, showing off that beautiful smile of yours!

~ Alisha

See more of my headshots here.

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