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Our Spring Family Portraits

In March 2016, Winston-Salem welcomed spring with a burst of flowers everywhere. Gorgeous cherry blossoms lined the streets. Although the trees were blooming on the streets, I just couldn't find a flower filled spot that would be safe for family portraits, I.E a place where kids won't run into busy streets.

After days of searching and asking around, I finally found a small patch of grass near an intersection that was just far enough from the road to work! I wanted to test it out with my own family portraits. The chaos of every day life took priority and a week or two went by. Suddenly a storm of rain and wind came over Winston on a gloomy Saturday. That Sunday was the first calm day we were able to make time for spring portraits. When we got to the location, we found all the trees were bare, petals on the ground due to the storm.

Weston turned down a different street and low and behold, there was a gorgeous tree with pink blossoms and low hanging branches! Just what I was looking for. The tree was in a teeny tiny park that is more like a big median. We had to park somewhere else and walk there. Thus, I'm still in search for a spot for my clients with small children, but for us, it was so worth it!

I'm so glad we made time for these spring photos, because they are now my very favorite photos of my family.

I mean, that face... XD

Kiss denied!

"That's enough now Mom"

He's so in love with his Daddy. <3

Don't tell Weston, but I'm already excited and brainstorming for our next family photoshoot! :D

~ Alisha

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