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Ikea Dresser Makeover

While I was pregnant, I entered into a nesting frenzy and created a beautiful nursery for our baby to be (take the tour here!) Then I walked into our bedroom and realized it was a hot mess. Wops! Got to get to work again.

First things first, get all the clothes off the messy book shelf and into a nice dresser. We live in a small apartment so any clutter is too much clutter. Ikea here we come! We decided to purchase their raw dresser (Tarva, 5 drawer chest, pine) to use as a blank canvas for whatever we look we wanted to create.

Our bed is white and we have a cherry red wooden bedside table, so we decided to do a combination of staining the wood and painting it white (all materials from Home Depot). The white helps keep the space looking big and full of light. The stained wood helps tie in the side table and give the room some color and texture. We then replaced the knobs to transform it from child bedroom dresser to adult bedroom dresser.

We love our creation and our now updated bedroom. After all, the parents must have their nice sanctuary!

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