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Winston-Salem Light Project

We drove down Cherry Street in search of the Winston-Salem Light Project. If you're not looking closely, you'll miss it! This project illuminates the often over looked corners of our city. What once was a dark, empty space, transforms into a colorful wonderland.

A wave of light travels down a tunnel and out into the small brick paved corner. As the wave changes color, a new mood fills the space. Some use it as a canvas for photography. Some use the event to connect to other local artists. Others stand and pensively watch as they listen to the ambient music.

We wondered how our 2 month old, Arlo, would react. He seemed as entranced with this experience as he is with everything else. The entire world is an artful experience for him right now! You could say this project allowed Weston and I to see the world as Arlo does, fascinating and new.

The Winston-Salem Light Project is an illuminating experience open to enjoy in your own way. You definitely need to catch it before they turn the lights off!

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