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Ada's Spring Portraits

I have a special place in my heart for returning families, especially The Wilsons. They traveled to Winston-Salem for Ada's 2016 spring portraits. I spent a week or two trying to find the perfect spot. Finally, I found Ada sized trees and flowers in bloom. I picked up some flowers at Trader Joe's (my favorite spot for flowers!) to give Ada something to do, and to add an extra touch of spring.

She arrived just waking up from a nap, a pretty sleepy model. As we played with flowers in the sun she warmed up and I was able to capture her cute, 2 year old self.

Ada just gets cuter and cuter!

haha, didn't have to worry about not having enough flowers!

Though she liked the sticks more XD

She naturally did this pose, I swear. Too cute.

she was sad that her pink nail polish was wearing off, haha adorable.

Thank you so much Josh and Megan for trusting me again to capture your cute little Ada at this precious time in her life!! She's a joy to photograph.

for a limited time, see the full gallery at in the galleries section.

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