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NC State Graduate Meredith Vertrees

Meredith's pride and knowledge in her soon to be alma mater, North Carolina State University, is so contagious if I hadn't graduated from the University of North Carolina School of the Arts, I would've applied right after her senior photography session!

I had never been to NC State before, so Meredith picked out 7 locations that we could use. I got there an hour early and was able to pick specific spots in a few of those locations based on the lighting and background. With our powers combined, I'd say we created a fantastic collection of senior portraits!

We started in Talley Student Union, which is their newest building and a photographer's dream! Big, gorgeous windows wrap the building and provide beautiful soft light to the wonderful corners of the geometric architecture inside.

I mean, an NC State wall?! This building is just perfect for senior portraits.

The cords and medals Meredith is wearing each represent a specific accomplishment she has made over her four years working hard at State. She's been a busy gal!

During our portrait session, a group of visitors stopped to watch. They asked Meredith what her cords meant. She explained to them as they stood in admiration while hearing all she was able to achieve.

In the photo above, Meredith is holding "The Brick". Meredith explains it best. Here's a quote from her instagram @meredithvertrees, "The Brick is a booklet given to every student at NC State. It contains information and stories about the 50 NC State student traditions, such as going to the State Fair or getting a class ring. Those who complete 40 of these traditions earn the title "Tradition Keeper" and receive a medal to wear at graduation." She's completed her 40 traditions!

We had to get the wolf in the background! After Talley, we went to Wolf Plaza to get a few pictures with the iconic wolf pack!

Next iconic stop, the Memorial Bell Tower! As we walked up to the tower, Meredith told me about the class ring tradition held there. When you're a senior, you put your class ring in the tower overnight and let it soak up all the NC state traditions. Afterwards, a ceremony is held in which you receive your class ring full of history and tradition.

We went full circle and came to where it all began, The Court of North Carolina, where Meredith attended orientation.

The Court of North Carolina has every specie of tree that naturally grows in North Carolina represented in the trees that line the courtyard. Most of Meredith's classes were held in three buildings that stand behind those trees.

After graduation, Meredith will continue her study in marketing as a West Virginia Mountaineer, where she received a full ride!

She had the brilliant idea to represent this journey with a super woman pose, which we took in the Free Expression Tunnel.

Onward to her Masters Degree!

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