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Surprise Mother's Day Photoshoot for The Heath Family

I was so excited to spend an hour of my first Mother's Day surprising another Mama with a family photoshoot. I had filmed Santana and Jamie's wedding in October of 2014. They were such a fun couple and I was definitely enthused to be called back.

Santana's Mom is a fellow entrepreneur. She has a hair salon in the charming downtown Pilot Mountain. Santana and her bridesmaids had their hair done there on the morning of her fall wedding. Her Mom, Sandra, helped put all the little details of the wedding in place. She's a Mother who definitely shows her abundant love through her actions. You can tell her love has come full circle through her family and to their kids.

Santana had the wonderful idea of having their photos taken at the home they grew up in, which stands in the beautiful country side of Pilot Mountain.

Lifestyle photoshoots at home are my favorite! It adds another layer of meaning to your portraits, while capturing the genuinely candid nature of your family.

I'm sure they have tons of memories of their family going through that door and playing in the yard.

It's such a gift to have your childhood home continue to be the family gathering spot.

They are now making more memories there with their own families.

Fellow Mama Catrena Heath Whitaker, has a fashion and lifestyle blog showing you how to capture that southern fashion charm and "the whole nine yards". You should check it out here!

They welcome guests, like myself, as if they are another addition to the family.

Their color coordinated outfits are on point! I love when families pick a few colors to stick to, that way it's not too matchy-matchy and no one clashes. Perfect!

As I left their warm southern home, I gave their Mama a hug and we said "Happy Mother's Day" to each other. I felt as if I had been officially welcomed into the club of women who help shape the future of this world that we love. I'm honored to be spending my time giving other Mamas the joy of preserved memories. I can't think of a better Mother's Day present. Thank you Santana & The Heath Family for choosing me again to capture your family memories. <3

Happy Mother's Day!

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