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Meeting Dr. Murray

Through my journey as a photographer, I meet a variety of people with rich life stories. When Tom Murray booked his headshot appointment through e-mail, I noticed a link to his website after his signature. I clicked the link and there saw he was a sex therapist! I was hesitantly intrigued to learn more.

I met Tom at his Winston-Salem office in the University of North Carolina School of the Arts (my alma mater!).

He came around a corner, dressed to the T, with a welcoming smile. As we started talking, I immediately felt comfortable with him. Just after exchanging a few sentences, he felt like an old friend.

He told me of his passion towards family therapy and sex therapy. He is a caring man whose love for helping people shines through his words and smile.

After getting to know him, any awkwardness I felt towards the concept of sex therapy was diminished. I'm sure he does the same for his clients the instant they meet him.

With his prestigious list of credentials and his open, warm presence, you'll definitely feel comfortable and secure in seeking his expert guidance towards enriching the happiness in your life.

Dr. Murray offers couples therapy and sex therapy in the Winston-Salem, Greensboro and High Point areas.

You can get to know more about Tom Murray and contact him through his website here:

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