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Tiffany & Mark Hiatt's Wedding

On a cloudy May day, on the rolling green hills of the Cross Creek Country Club in Mt Airy, Tiffany and Mark got married! I'm excited to publish my favorites from their wedding collection.

OBSESSED with her nails.

AND that ring. Mark, you did good.

As part of their ceremony, they invited Daisy onto the stage and gifted her a heart locket. It was one of the sweetest moments in all the weddings I've been to.

LOVE this next shot! So excited Tiffany and I read each other's minds on this one.

The storm clouds parted and sent a beam of sunlight on the family created this day.

I photographed Tiffany and Mark's family photos with Daisy before their wedding. I love returning families because each time they come back to me, everyone is a little more comfortable in front of my camera. They feel free to have more fun and I can get photos like these:

Daisy ran circles around me, playfully trying to evade my camera.

I can't tell you how much I love a sparkler exit :D

Congratulations Tiffany, Mark and Daisy!

It has been my honor to capture the joyful moments of your wedding day. I wish you all the happiness and fun adventures in the years to come!

Much love & happiness,


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