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Stephanie & Joseph's Wedding

On a sunny Sunday in May, Stephanie and Joseph were married at the lovely Winmock in Clemmons, North Carolina. It's been on my bucket list to shoot at Winmock. Enjoy my favorites from their wedding collection and see why!

The red and white barns, stand almost hidden across the street from Tanglewood Park.

Makeup artist Samantha Johnson did an amazing job at highlighting Stephanie's natural beauty.

One of the girls found this spot underneath the steps, "can we take a photo here?" Yes! Yes you can! Follow a child and you will find the most beautiful, hidden corners.

For every wedding, I search for the perfect spot to create a photograph of the bride's dress. However, sometimes the best photos end up being the candid, casual ones, like the following photo where Stephanie laid her dress on the dressing room couch before putting it on.

Since the dressing room was composed of two separate rooms, we had the great opportunity for a dress reveal for her bridesmaids! They stood behind closed doors and opened when we said, "Go!"

(if you haven't already, you must check out her bridals)

The men got ready in a small cottage type barn next door.

Their ceremony was held in a separate barn just behind the prep locations. The room went silent with awe as Stephanie entered, a stunning bride.

With words formed in deep love, Stephanie's mother gave her daughter to Joseph in marriage.

THOSE COLORS. My eyes are in love.

They tried so hard to be serious.

During the reception excitement, Stephanie, Joseph and I snuck away to take their portraits.

Congratulations Stephanie and Joseph! I wish you all the happiness in the world.

~ Alisha

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