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Baby's First Beach Trip

My mom and Step Dad Ricky invited us to Atlantic Beach and we said yes!

We stayed in Heather Robbins' stunning beach condo. Her decor theme is "beach shimmer" and we loved every detail!

As we drove up to the condo and walked up the steps, Weston realized he had stayed in the exact same condo when he was a kid! Small world.

He got to work relaxing right away.

Arlo's first family vacation!

He was afraid of the waves, but he loved moving his toes in the wet sand.

Weston made this yummy plate for everyone with local veggies from the Friendly Fresh Market, and local shrimp from Atlantic Beach Fresh Seafood Market.

We spent the evening exploring Beaufort, North Carolina.

I love to see Arlo experience the world for the first time.

Thank you Heather & Mami for making Arlo's first family beach trip so wonderful!!

~ Alisha

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