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Matthews Playhouse Presents Oklahoma!

Matthews is a small town tucked away just south of Charlotte, North Carolina. In the quaint downtown, stands Matthews Playhouse. They are currently showing Oklahoma!

The simplicity and humor in this musical, which opened on Broadway in 1943, still resonates with audiences in 2016.

Many years ago I performed in Oklahoma. I still have every line and lyric memorized. Yet, Ado Annie and the rest of the cast had me laughing at jokes I've heard dozens of times.

The cast is filled with strong singers who fill every corner of the theater with their full, beautiful voices. They portray their characters with entertaining theatrical animation as well as depth, giving full dimension to the people of Oklahoma!

Judd, the villain, is often played as such, but in this production the audience gets a peek into the human motivation behind his actions.

The lighting in the dream sequence fantastically portrays the underling fears and emotions of the characters.

The minimal set and landscapes, shaped by light, reflect the simplicity of the early theater productions of Oklahoma's time.

Oklahoma! plays at Matthews Playhouse June 10th - June 26th. Tickets from from $12 - $18. You can buy them here.

Have a wonderful afternoon enjoying fantastic live theater right here in North Carolina!

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