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The Wild West

One year ago today, Weston and I got engaged in Ouray Colorado! I thought I would finally share our vacation photos from the trip. I took time away from the camera and mostly used my phone. Most of these photos were taken by Weston and I left them beautifully unedited.

We saw Cliff Palace at Mesa Verde National Park and got a peek at what it might've been like to live inside.

My favorite hike was the journey to the Arches.

There were spectacular views on the entire trail.

Our big hotel stay, was at Monument Valley where we saw the sun rise over the famous, wild western movie scenery.

We spent a night camping on the edge of the Grand Canyon.

But our favorite natural beauty was Antelope Canyon.

The tour guides claim it is the most photographed place on earth. So you bet we LOVED it.

Zion National park was so majestic, we could have made an entire vacation adventuring there. A river runs through the enormous cliffs, which you can freely walk along and explore.

We also discovered my doppelgänger from the past.

Finally, we explored the snow capped mountains under the summer sun of Colorado.

Between three mountains, and on top of a waterfall, Weston asked me to marry him.

I said yes.

I love traveling the world with you.

~ Alisha

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