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Meredith's Bridal Portraits

Meredith arrived at the garden just as the sun was beginning to set. As she stood in the spot I chose for her, we stood back in awe. She is a stunning bride.

Meredith embellished her wedding with carefully thought out meaningful details. Her bouquet is enriched with history from both families. Her Grandmother bred roses and Sam's Grandfather breeds daylilies. She brought the two flowers together in her bouquet as a symbol of the two families coming together.

Disneyland is a special place in Meredith's and Sam's love story. Her dress truly is a gown out of a fairy tale.

Meredith kept the love letters Sam wrote to her and brought them to be included in her wedding photo story.

Meredith and Sam are big gamers, and to my inner pokémon master's glee, she requested a photo with her gameboy.

And of course, "I'm melting!"

Once a year, Meredith and Sam stepped into a photobooth during their time as boyfriend and girlfriend. Now they have the most adorable photographic representation of their years together.

It was a pure delight to photograph Meredith's bridals. She radiated joy as she fearlessly walked amongst nature's twigs and dirt in her stunning wedding dress. She was free to enjoy every moment, living in the present joy.

Congratulations to Meredith and Sam! Wedding Photos Coming Soon <3

~ Alisha

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