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Anthony's Senior Portraits

Congratulations to Anthony Fernandez!! We are so proud of you. You have grown from a wild child who would jump on the sofas, to a mature man who is respectful and responsible. I'm excited to continue to see what adventures you get into!

Anthony's Mom, My Titi, saved the onesie Anthony wore home from the hospital. She thoughtfully brought it to his senior session and I'm so glad she did.

We went to North Rockland High School to showcase his time there on the track team.

For his formal portraits, we went to the abandoned mental asylum in Rochester, New York. The ominous buildings quietly stand holding mysteries from the past within its dusty corners. No symbolism connected to Anthony's senior photos, it's just an epic location!

There have been rumored plans to destroy the historic buildings and construct a school, or lego land. I'm glad we were able to shoot there before that happened! I would love to go back there again, perhaps with someone who has historical connections to the place.

For his photoshoot, Anthony holds the trumpet his Papa, Tony Pabon. Our Grandpa was a successful musician and singer. You can hear his music by looking up "Tony Pabon y La Protesta". Anthony plays trumpet as well. These photographs are a touching connection to the heritage handed down to him.

Anthony's parents, my Titi and Uncle Richie, are very proud of Anthony and all he has accomplished. Together they volunteer for numerous fund raisers for M.S through running events.

Congratulations Graduate Anthony! We are so proud of you.

Your cousin,


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