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The East Brothers

I traveled up to King, North Carolina to meet the East Brothers and their lovely Mom Casie. She contacted me on a Wednesday and we had their photoshoot that Friday!

She booked my newly available 30 minute session. We were able to capture a handful of great shots in that time.

They hadn't had professional photos made in about six years. I'm so happy they trusted me to create their portraits for 2016! I know their grandparents are going to love their prints.

The East family are from Mount Airy and I am from Winston-Salem. Casie recommended Central Park in King, a great spot in between our two homes. I had never been there before. Upon arrival, I saw my favorite thing, tall grass! haha. Often overlooked, but always quietly beautiful.

On the other side of the park, stood two gorgeous historic looking cabins. Casie told me they would have family picnics at the park, a beautiful place to do so. I'm happy to photograph the boys in a location where they have made happy family memories.

"Do whatever you want for this next one"....

Daaaaw too cute.

Those are my favorite from their 30 minute session.

The East Brothers are fun and up for anything! Thank you for a great photoshoot in a fantastic new location!

~ Alisha

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