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Meredith & Sam's Wedding

In Chapel Hill, North Carolina, on Saturday, June 18th, 2016 Meredith and Sam got married at the beautiful Carolina Inn. The amazing and wonderful Jenny Ford from Muse & Delphia coordinated the event.

I arrived in the morning and photographed every moment of their wedding story.

As Meredith was getting her makeup done by the wonderful Vickie Raynor LE, I took photos of her details with the help of my second shooter, Hannah Pabón.

Meredith's bouquet beautifully marries flowers connected to both family's history. You can read the story behind the flowers and more about the history behind the details in Meredith's bridal portrait post. The bouquets were arranged by The English Garden, florists from Raleigh, N.C.

After Meredith was dressed, she had a first look with her Father. How sweet! This moment was captured by Hannah the amazing.

Shortly after, she had her first look with Sam.

I was afraid we would intrude on their private moment, but once he turned around, it was as if they were the only two people in the world.

They quickly rushed back to their rooms before guests arrived. Meredith told her bridesmaids about Sam's reaction during their first look and one of them started crying! Love it.

Meredith's Mom shared touching words to her daughter, soon to be married to her new best friend.

Guests from around the world began to arrive on the beautiful lawn of the Carolina Inn.

A happy moment alone with Dad before he gave her away.

Sam watching his bride walk down the aisle.

Sam's maternal Granddad, Robert, was their officiant. He married Sam's parents as well. It meant a lot to Meredith and Sam to have Robert marry them.

Their first kiss as husband and wife!

As the ceremony drew to a close, Meredith and Sam shared a moment of happiness to themselves.

Following the ceremony, we took family portraits and bridal party portraits. Here are a few of my favorites from the bridal party photos!

Getting their official marriage paper work signed!

Meanwhile guests shared cocktails and signed the guest book.

The reception was held in a gorgeous ballroom topped with sparkling chandeliers.

Their first dance was nothing short of a Disney movie.

Soon everyone joined in on the dancing!

While they were dating, once a year, Sam and Meredith would have their photos taken in a photobooth. Of course they honored the tradition on their wedding day!

See everyone's photobooth photos in the online gallery!

The timeless cake was made by Sugarland from Chapel Hill.

I absolutely LOVE their cake topper.

As they got ready to cut the cake, everyone gathered to snap a shot with the phones.

As the party came to an end, Meredith said farewell with some tears. Sam was quick to comfort her.

All the guest lined up with streamers to wish farewell to the newly weds!

Afterwards, Meredith, Sam and I walked around the Carolina Inn and took some fun bride and groom portraits.

They did it!

Happy Wedding Day Meredith & Sam! I wish you all the happiness in the world. <3

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