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The Birth of Beatrice Rose Levinson

A note from the photographer,

I would like to thank Heather and Jason for allowing me into their most intimate time to capture the miracle of life. This experience has made me feel blessed and honored to spend my life as a photographer. I would also like to thank Cindi Maines for watching my baby as I photograph a new baby being born. To be a part of the village who greets and raises the next generation is truly an honor. I humbly present the photographs from the birth of Beatrice Rose Levinson.


On the evening of Saturday, August 27th, 2016, Heather and Jason Levinson prepared to meet their little girl.

The Natural Beginnings Birth & Wellness Center in Statesville, North Carolina was dimly lit in peaceful quietness. Jason and Heather had the place to themselves. Two midwives prepared a pool for a natural water birth.

As intensity increased, the love and encouragement between Jason and Heather grew only stronger.

The first scream:

Big sister Cassie, entered to meet her new baby sister.

The first kiss from Dad:

Heather gave Cassie a surprise big sister gift bag, which had a Baby Book inside.

Family entered and met their newest family member.

Together they announced the baby's name to their loved ones.

Beatrice Rose Levinson.

Welcome to the world!

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