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Blythe & Andy's Vineyard Engagement Session

Golden hour was about to begin in Lexington, my new town next door. As I drove through winding country roads, I saw the name "Craver" posted on a few businesses and street signs. I was on my way to meet Blythe Craver who recently got engaged to Andy James. I met Blythe's sister, Kacie, during my days at UNC School of the Arts.

I arrived at a vineyard, a beautiful gem hidden in the quiet countryside. We had the place to ourselves. Blythe and Andy arrived with warm smiles. They welcomed me like I was part of the family.

Their fun, inviting personalities immediately came across through the photos.

The two teachers, obviously in love, didn't need too much direction from me.

I just love her unique engagement ring!

In true spirit to their personalities, they brought jerseys! Go panthers! ;)

"This is more us," Blythe said.

"I can tell," I said and she turned and laughed.

Fittingly so, their engagement shoot was on the first football Thursday.

It was my pleasure to capture these two travel bugs in Blythe's home town.

Congratulations to Blythe and Andy on your engagement! It was my pleasure to capture this wonderful time in your lives.

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