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Latisha's 24th Birthday

"I'm photographing Latisha and Manny today! Their photoshoots are always magical," - what I said to Weston as I went out the door.

I traveled from Winston-Salem to Charlotte, the queen city, for Latisha's Birthday photoshoot!

We met at a park downtown, Latisha's choice of location. This gal always picks the most beautiful places.

Manny often bounces when he walks. It's so darn cute.

He turned around mid walk to see what I was doing, haha, I love this kid.

I mean...

To celebrate her birthday, I got her balloons! Before she got to the park everyone was yelled Happy Birthday to me. I accepted all the celebratory cheers. When Latisha and Manny arrived, no one could keep their eyes off the cuteness.

Manny then got into an epic battle with the #2 balloon, which had somehow become wrapped around his feet. Latisha, myself and a few strangers just died laughing. The battle ended and Manny won.

"Well, it was nice while it lasted," Latisha said.

Latisha's photos are always magical because she lets go and has fun making Manny laugh.

"Eeew no kisses!"

I love, love, love how Latisha comes up with the cutest poses and they come across so natural.

Manny got a little modeling debut during this shoot! Latisha was trying to get him to do his cool guy pose, and we got a split second!

The love these two have for each other lights up every photo.

Happy 24th Birthday Latisha! You are a kind, generous, strong mama whom I admire. I'm so blessed to be your photographer. It's my joy to capture you and your adorable, sweet son Manny adventuring through life together. I hope you enjoy these photos for many years to come!

Love you!

~ Alisha

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