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The Levinson's Newborn Lifestyle Session

A personal note from the photographer:

I had the joy of photographing the water birth of Beatrice Levinson. It was a memorable experience I will always cherish. I was delighted when The Levinsons invited me to their Winston-Salem home to capture their family being themselves.

My lifestyle session at the Levinson's home affirmed my desire to capture families being themselves, at home reading on the couch, sharing morning cuddles and all those moments we'd like to keep with us forever. I'm so honored that Heather, Jason, Cassie and Beatrice opened their doors and allowed me to capture them as is. Enjoy this intimate view of the Levinson family at home.

~ Alisha

The D.I.Y mobile Cassie and Heather made for Beatrice.

Jason gets full credit for the idea behind the next awesome photo:

I just love her expressive hands.

Baby Bea!

Wiggle worm.


Dear Levinson family, thank you for inviting me along on the journey to capture baby Beatrice entering this world and snuggling in to a loving home. I hope you enjoy these photos for many years to come.



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