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Erin and Cleo the Dalmation

A personal note from the photographer,

On a Saturday afternoon, I went to a park in Winston-Salem and prepared for my second annual photoshoot with Erin and her Dalmatian Cleo. As I walked around the park, choosing specific spots to place Erin and Cleo, I got the jitters. No matter how prepared I am, a dog is a dog. They are going to do what they want. I had the challenge of capturing all her fast paced cuteness in just 30 minutes.

Erin and Cleo arrived at the park and we began. Erin had the brilliant idea to take Cleo hiking before our photoshoot. She was still running around and exploring, but just slow enough to give me a second to capture her and Erin having fun.

My concerns flew away with each adorable moment we were able to capture. Pure magic!

I'll show you three unedited photos side by side so you can see what I mean by capturing a split second of perfection (the middle photo is the winner):

Pet photographers often place pets in a studio to obtain perfect lighting and a more controlled atmosphere. I say, let them be free!

Thanks Erin and Cleo!

~ Alisha

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