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Lydia's Head Shot Session

A personal note from the photographer,

I arrived in downtown Winston-Salem for Lydia's headshot session early. The light was in all the wrong places for a few of my usual spots. I did some exploring and found a few hidden gems. When they arrived, Lydia was more than happy to go to the obscure locations I found. It worked out so well! Lydia chose a red toned top, which worked perfectly. Her smile was on point every time. I made minor adjustments to her best angles. We made a dream team for her actress head shots! Lydia, I am so excited to be helping you take the next step in your acting adventures. I hope these head shots bring you luck as you explore all of the colleges that would be lucky to have you!

~ Alisha

Most casting directors prefer a color headshot, but I just had to make a black and white version of this beauty.

You can see Lydia at Reagan High School's "The Bad Seed". She's the bad seed!

Thanks again Lydia!

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