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How to Give a Great Wedding Toast

Congratulations! Your best friend/sister/cousin/loved one is getting married!! And they chose YOU to give a speech...

Happy feelings gone?

Don't worry! I got you covered.

I've photographed and filmed many, many weddings. When creating wedding videos, I use the toasts to shape the story of the video. After repeatedly listening to over 50 toasts (definitely more) at this point, I have discovered the recipe for a great wedding toast.

Ready? Here it is.

1. Say something you like/a memory about the bride 2. Say something you like/a memory about the groom 3. Say what you like about them as a couple 4. Tell them your happy wishes for their future!

(extra success tip: keep a little note on hand to ensure you remember what you were going to say)

There it is! That's how to write an awesome wedding toast. Now brush off those nerves and get to dancing.

Happy wedding toasting!

~ Alisha

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