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Sarah's Western Sweet Sixteen

My cousin Sarah turned 16! During our family vacation to NY we were able to attend her Western themed Sweet Sixteen Party. Weston and I felt like we were back in our southern home with all the plaid and cowboy hats (although we were the only ones who didn't own a plaid shirt - even Arlo had one).

The party was held at my grandma's house, the traditional family gathering spot. Guests were greeted by a sweet sixteen banner.

Sarah's sister Amanda made it through vistaprint.

Western decor lit up the house and yard, complimenting the casual, outdoorsy, and fun personality of Sarah.

Gotta love lawn games!

Guests wrote down their favorite memories with Sarah and put them in the memory jar. Sarah read them out loud and guessed who the memory belonged to.

The food decor was very clever.

and of course... CAKE

... followed by a bon fire with smores! Who doesn't want 2nd dessert?

All of the party guests, came out to the porch for a group photo! Definitely a keeper.

At sunset, Sarah and I had a birthday photoshoot!

Finally, all her guests enjoyed the Western Photo Booth!

Happy Sweet Sixteen Sarah! We love you!!! <3

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