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My Favorite Cameras

Hello new photographers! Thinking of adopting a camera baby? I would love to help! When asked what my favorite intro cameras are, I always return to cameras I've used myself. Here's what I recommend (in order of affordability):

1. Canon T3i ($290 - $400)

The T3i takes great quality photos at an affordable cost. It's not going to be as clear as your high end brands, but it's a fantastic beginner camera. It has a flip screen, which I LOVE. Especially as a short gal who often raises her camera above her eye line. Definitely a step up from the point and shoot cameras which don't allow you to change lenses. If you'd like to dabble into photography without breaking the bank, this is the camera for you!

2. Canon T4i ($400 - $650)

Also has a flip screen (I'm obsessed as you can tell)! You'll see a visible difference in the quality of your photos from the t3i. They'll be clearer and have more depth. If you have a bit of extra money to commit to your love of photography, go with this one!

3. Canon 6D ($1,000 - $1,600)

A bit more serious? This is the camera I currently use and love. When looking at Canon's most expensive camera, this one is the best bang for your buck. The more expensive cameras (Canon 5D's) are really comparable to this one. There's not a huge difference in quality between this camera and their most expensive models. If she had a flip screen, she'd be perfect. This is my baby and I love her!

What about the lens!? If you are a beginner, I recommend starting with the kit lens (18mm - 55mm).

With this lens and your new camera, you can start to learn more about camera settings and framing. After you experiment with the intro zoom lense, you can step into the world of prime lenses (non-zoom lenses that give you the best quality). But that's a whole other blog post, coming soon!

When it comes down to it, remember the most important aspect about photography is your point of view!

Have fun capturing the beautiful world around you with your new camera baby!

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