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Our NY Trip

My number one goal for this year, was to make the trip up to New York so my family could meet my baby boy, Arlo. I'm so thrilled that we were able to do it! My middle school bestie, Luisa, was getting married in October so we made our plans for NY then. It was so sweet watching my family and my baby meet and fall in love with each other.

(some photos taken with my iphone)

Mama's (my maternal grandma) cat Calvin was not too happy about all the attention Arlo was stealing from him.

He made sure to get some extra loving from the matriarch.

We made it just in time to celebrate my cousin Sarah's sweet 16!

We took a hike on the Appalachian Trail with my crazy aunt, Titi. It was suppose to be a 4 mile hike, but we got lost so it turned into 7 miles. Haha! I'd be happy to get lost in this beautiful fall forest any day.

We couldn't leave without the New York City experience! It's just about an hour drive from my grandma's house to Soho, where we met my college bestie Nina at the cutest Italian cafe.

We fell in love with the hand made leather clothes.

We spontaneously came across Lab 320, an liquid nitrogen ice-cream shop!

And of course, we had to walk to Spoke, to see the Bob's Burger's art exhibit!

Finally, we made our way to my home town of Goshen, New York. As you drive into the small town, colorful fall trees welcome you onto streets lined with gorgeous, old victorian homes.

You could swear you were in Stars Hollow.

(P.S, I'm sporting a coat I may or may not have splurged on from Soho ;) )

Luisa's wedding was filled with an all star cast of loved ones from my childhood. It was such a full circle moment to celebrate with them as Luisa married Michael!

It was the party of a lifetime and a perfect ending to our wonderful trip to New York.

We can't wait to visit again!!

~ Alisha

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