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Fight, Jessica, Fight!!

When I first started my business, I hosted a mini session at Old Salem. My sister's teacher, and Mom's friend, Jamie Carpenter did not hesitate to support a new photographer. In fact, she was happy to jump up and encourage me to pursue my dreams, even though she had not met me yet!

Jamie stepped out of her mini van beaming with a pregnancy glow. Jamie and Will laughed and had fun the entire photoshoot, so excited to welcome Jessica to the world.

I met Jessica when she was a few months old, at her very first photoshoot with me. You can tell she has two loving parents by how happy she is!

About two years later (just recently), Jessica was diagnosed with cancer. I can't even begin to imagine the hardship placed on their wonderful family. I wanted to give them a bit of cheer the best way I know how, through photography.

We had a photoshoot at Jessica's favorite park to celebrate the love and strength their family has.

"SLIDE!" Jessica's saying, haha.

She's so adorable!!!

Jamie is giving her tips on how to climb up the slippery tunnel.

Seeing Will having fun with his little girl would make any heart melt.

Will got a tattoo on his right forearm for his baby girl, Jessica.

Wherever Jessica went, she would turn back to her Mom and say in a demanding tone, "Mommy come." Haha, it was so adorable!!

We all had to run to catch up to her. She was having a blast.

If you'd like to give a bit of cheer to the Carpenter family, you can buy a hoodie or shirt from (available for a limited time).

You may also contribute to the gofundme account Jamie's brother made to allow people to help with Jessica's doctor bills.

Jamie, Will and Jessica, thank you for being so welcoming and accepting of my little act of cheer. My sister Hannah and I are inspired by the love and happiness you three share between each other. You are our family goals. We love you so much!

~ Alisha

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