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How to take Great Halloween Photos of Your Kids

IT'S HALLOWEEN WEEKEND!!! I love this weekend because it's a great time spend time with your friends and family, walk around (dressed as crazy characters of course), enjoy the fall weather, and get FREE CANDY!!

While you're out and about in disguise, make sure to get a photo of two of the kiddos! Here are some tips on how to take a great halloween photo (good for photos taken with your phone or camera):

1. Get on their level.

Bend down so that your eye level is the same as theirs.

2. Let them be in character!

Are they dressed up as their favorite character? Let them play the part! They'll be more than happy to and it'll be so adorable.

3. Make them laugh

Have someone stand behind you and make your kid laugh! If you don't have any photographer assistants ;), get your frame, peek out from behind the camera and do that funny thing that gets them giggling. Snap as they laugh, even if you aren't looking in the camera (so you don't miss the shot! - that's why you get your frame before hand).

4. Get a photo with them!

Even if you're like me and usually avoid the camera, do it! Your kid will thank you and love the photo when they grow up. I love the photos I have with my Mom holding me as a little kid! Who knows, you may love it too!

Happy Halloween!!

~ Alisha

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