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The Whitaker Family Farm

When Catrena asked me to take family photos on their farm, I squealed with joy. YES YES YES!! I left the city of Winston-Salem and drove to the rolling hills of the Carolinas. Buildings disappeared as beautiful, country land and roaming cows came into view.

I arrived early and started to explore their farm. There were fantastic photogenic spots around every corner.

The Whitakers arrived, dressed in perfectly color coordinated outfits. Not surprising since Catrena is an killer fashion blogger.

We captured fun, lifestyle, family photos as they had fun on their farm.

We went to the cow field where Annabell and Jake called out to their pet cow.

Their farm dog came out and joined in on the fun.

Jake and Dad walked over to a well and threw rocks down into the water.

Aren't they the cutest?

Those suspenders!

We took individual portraits of each family member. I love doing that because then you can do some fun things with them like this:

That would be such a cute family photo collage for their wall, or for a Christmas card.

A big thank you to The Whitakers for inviting me to your farm to take your 2017 fall family photos! You are a joy to photograph. I hope you cherish these photos for many years to come.

~ Alisha

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