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Arlo's First Halloween

Earlier this week, Arlo had a scary fall and got a big bruise on his forehead. My sister's roommate Halley said he looked like the chosen one. With that, our costume was born! Arlo was a baby Harry Potter kidnapped by Bellatrix Lestrange.

Weston was so kind to come with us to Graylyn, a very Hogwarts like setting in Winston-Salem, for a baby's first halloween photoshoot.

We then drove up to Lowgap, for the House of Horrors kid day! It takes place at their community center (once school house) just down the road from where Weston grew up. His older brother attended the school and Weston played ball there as a kid. Now Arlo is able to make memories there too!

Weston's brother, Logan Maines, is the master mind and founder of the Lowgap House of Horrors. I'm so glad they had a kids day this year! It was very popular. Arlo's favorite game was the ducks in a pond! A great halloween game for toddlers.

He tried to take dive. Haha!

We took the kid friendly tour of the House of Horrors, and Arlo was a little spooked. Here's our souvenir photo from their photo room.


Arlo's first Halloween was a success! So excited for his first holiday season, right around the corner!

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