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How to Take a Group Photo

It's the holiday season! If you have a family/friend gathering, it's always a great idea to take a photo together. You will thank yourself for years to come!

Your photo definitely does not have to be perfect, but here are some tips I've learned over the years on how to take a great group photo.

1. Make sure you can see everyone's face

This is often called "finding your window".

2. Symmetry

Count how many people there are and arrange them in a balanced way the best you can. It helps to make small groups within your big group.

3. Small in front, tall in back

The more you can "layer" people based on height, the closer you can get with your camera and the better your photo will be.

5. Have a seat

Another way to layer a group is to have a few people sit on chairs/bench in front.

4. Turn towards the middle

If everyone is about the same height and there are no chairs around, have people angle themselves towards the middle. This brings everyone closer together.

5. Pair off into families

Have each family unit stand near each other. Don't be afraid to have the individual family units stand on their own. We did that for the Heath family shoot and it turned out great!

6. Sit down with the kids

If your group has small children, try sitting on the ground with them so everyone is on the same level.

7. Have fun!

In the end, remember that it doesn't have to be perfect. The memory you want to cherish is how happy you are together. So feel free to throw all the rules away and just have fun!

Happy holidays!

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