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Prints, Cards, and Albums, Oh My Sales!

This weekend is a great time to buy holiday/christmas cards, prints, albums or canvas with all of the deals going on.

I'm looking for sales myself, so I thought I would gather my findings together and share them with you. Happy Shopping!

Snap Fish - 50% - 70% off everything! (ends Monday 11/28)

I may get my christmas cards (70% off!) and a canvas from here.

Shutterfly - 40% - 50% off (ends Sunday 11/27)

Zno - 30% off

I am in LOVE with Zno's layflat photo album. The pages are sturdy and thick. If you had a toddler, she/he wouldn't be able to rip these pages. I made a newborn album with them last year. I loved it so much, I'm planning on making an album with them every year.

Zno offers an AMAZING deal for first time users. Give them your e-mail (no card required) and receive a free product! You can choose from a range of items including an entire photo album, canvas, etc. That's how I fell in love!

Blurb - 50% off photobooks (ends 11/29)

I use blurb for my wedding albums. They have a super easy to use program that you can download straight to your computer. The quality is comparable to shutterfly.

Mpix - 45% - 55% off everything (ends 11/27)

I always use mpix for my small prints. They deliver great quality every time at an affordable price.

Here's how the prices compare:

11 x 14 canvas: (with discount)

Zno - $14

Snapfish - $20

Mpix - $31.50

Shutterfly (10 x 14) - $55

Holiday Card: (without discount)

Snap Fish - starts at $0.45 per card (without 70% discount)

Shutterfly - starts at $0.40 per card (without 40% discount)

Mpix - starts at $0.40 (without 45% - 55% discount)

Zno - starts at $1.40 per card (without 30% off)

8 x 6 Landscape Album

Snapfish (8 x 11 20 pages) - $10

Mpix - (21 pages) - $19.60

Blurb - (20 pages) - $19

Shutterfly (8x11 20 pages) - $20

Zno - (8x11 layflat 20 pages) - $35 (or FREE with free trial - only an e-mail required)

So, I think I'll get my canvas and album from Zno, and holiday cards from Snapfish!

Hope that helps! Happy holidays!

~ Alisha


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