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Our Family Thanksgiving

This year we were blessed to have multiple Thanksgivings with our multiple families. On Thanksgiving day, we went to my Mom's house in Ardmore, Winston-Salem.

My Mom got Weston's favorite ham from the honey baked ham store.

Ada, my Step Dad's Mother, made arroz con gandules.

My Mom saw me taking photos of the food and showed me this can of Goya beans that are in the rice and bean dish. They divulged to Weston and I the secret to making the best arroz con gandules: a metal pot and a metal spoon. Shhh! Don't tell! ;)

As they finished cooking, Weston, Hannah and I played with Arlo outside.

That's Arlo's face when he sees his Dad walk outside.

Weston dropped leaves on top of Arlo, this was his reaction:

After dinner, there were an array of desserts. I had brownie pie, a favorite from my childhood.

Ricky and Weston retreated to the living room to watch football, while Hannah, My Mom, and Ada danced with Arlo.

There's nothing quite like photos of loved ones having fun together at home.

I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving as well!

~ Alisha

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