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Indoor Christmas Photo Tips

As you visit friends and family this holiday season, make sure to take a few photos! Then put the camera down and enjoy the moment in real time. While that camera is in your hand, here are a few tips to keep in mind when taking great indoor Christmas photos.

1. Feature the Christmas tree

I often like to put the tree to the side, instead of having people stand directly infront of it. That way, you can see more of the tree!

or put it in the background, for a more subtle Christmas photo

2. Take a Group Photo

For group photo tips, click here.

Gloria had the great idea to have the cousins line up in order of age.

don't forget the pets!

3. Take Candids!

There's nothing cuter and more precious than a real moment.

Candids of the kids playing with their Christmas presents is ALWAYS a good idea.

4. Find a window

During my at home photoshoots, I usually turn off all indoor lights and place the family next to a window. Windows diffuse light and create a nice, soft light on the face.

5. Go Dark

Don't have nice pretty sunlight to use? Don't be afraid to let your photos be dark. Look around the room and find the pockets of light around. Place your subject in that light and have them look towards/away from the light to avoid raccoon eyes (harsh shadows around the eye).

6. Showcase your family traditions/special foods

7. Get Cozy

If you are staying at home for Christmas, put the camera on a tripod, put on some cozy PJ's and take some cute snuggly photos in bed.

8. Show the house!

It's nice to look back and see your family and where you call home sweet home.

I hope these tidbits of advice help you create great photos of the ones you love most in the world during this Holiday Season!

In the end, don't worry about perfection, and just capture the beautiful, imperfect joy around you.

Merry Wishes,

~ Alisha

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