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Standard vs. Layflat Photo Album

There are many options when it comes to choosing materials for your photo albums. This blog will focus on standard vs. layflat.

I'll use these two albums I made to compare (the layflat album is on the left, the standard on the right):

Looking at them both from the side, you can see a few differences:

1. The covers - the layflat album has a padded cover (not all come with a padded cover, I chose this option)

2. The binding - If you look closely, the layflat album has sturdier binding for each individual page

3. Page thickness - There are more pages in the standard album, but the layflat album is bigger because it has thicker pages.

I personally like the padded cover. It sinks in slightly when you touch it, giving the album a more professional feel.

A layflat album, has more rigid pages, while the standard album has pages you traditionally find in a school year book.

I personally, like the layflat pages. Turning the impressive rigid pages, makes me feel like I'm browsing photos in an art gallery. Side note, they are also less likely to rip!

Here is the visual reason behind the term "layflat album".

A layflat album, lays flat and stays in place (fantastic for a panoramic photo). When let go, a standard album closes.

Here are some Pros and Cons:



- more affordable - lesser quality

- can fit more pages

- more user friendly program from Blurb?



- Better quality - more expensive

- can fit less pages

- may be harder to customize?

Even though there are more cons, my heart still stands with the Layflat Album. The better quality still rises above the cons.

If you are making the album on your own, here are the sources I favor so far:

I purchased the layflat album from ZNO. Here's what you need to know about them:

  • Has an online editing program

  • Must have the internet to edit

  • Has the option to save and exit

  • You may use a downloadable program to edit, but you have to pay for it if your use goes beyond 30 days

  • Pre-made templates are available

  • It's not very customizable

I purchased the standard album from Blurb. Here's what you need to know about them:

  • Has a downloadable editing program

  • Can edit without the internet

  • Has the option to save and exit

  • Pre-made templates are available

  • You can also customize your own layouts

  • Can make your album available to purchase online by others

When ordering from other sources, keep in mind they may not use the terms "layflat" or "standard". Just look for the descriptive words that align with what I have described in this blog.

I hope this helps you choose and create a wonderful photo album! Here's to holding your memories in your hand.

Best Wishes,

Alisha of Alisha Raquel Photography

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