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Anna & Devin's Maternity Photoshoot

Anna and Devin moved to Winston-Salem this summer from Brooklyn, New York, where they lived for 2 years. I am originally from New York, so when I heard about their origins, I was so excited to meet them. We had our photoshoot planned, their outfits chosen, and then on the day of their photoshoot, IT RAINED. We quickly communicated and decided to go for it anyway!

Since they moved from the big city, to this new little, southern city, I recommended a few artsy locations downtown. That way, their photos would capture their story as they begin their family journey in their new city.

I arrived at our location early and chose spots specifically for their photoshoot. When they arrived and stepped out of the car, I was greeted by a stunningly, beautiful couple! We spent thirty minutes creating photos together, to capture such a precious time in their family journey.

Anna and Devin,

Thank you so much for choosing me as your photographer. I hope you enjoy these photos for many years to come!

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