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Kate O'Neal's Headshots

I met Kate on a windy, cold day in downtown Winston-Salem. Despite the cold, Kate delivered perfection for her head shots. As we walked from spot to spot, I got to know her a bit more. Kate is an actress who prefers film. She has attended workshops at New York Film Academy. So have I! I felt like we were connected after we found we had that in common.

"So, we are going to go to an alley way behind some buildings, it seems sketchy but it's not. In fact, it's beautiful," I said to Kate and her friend. I love that they were so up for it! When she saw the place, she wasn't so sure it would turn out well. I positioned her in the lighting and got the perfect frame. After she saw the photo, "this is my favorite spot!!" YES! She gets it.

You would never guess that these were taken outside on a cold, windy day. We killed it!

We got a bit of variety so she can have options when she chooses which headshot to bring for her variety of auditions.

Watch out for Kate O'Neal! Upon meeting her, you instantly feel like you are friends (one of those gems!). With her confidence, and fun spirit, she's sure to have an adventurous life ahead of her!

I hope these photos help you take the next step into your journey as a film actress!

~ Alisha

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