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The Levinson's St. Patrick's Day Family Photos

Instead of having a Christmas or New Years card, The Levinson Family had a St. Patrick's Day card! I just love this idea!!

Some of my FAVORITE family photoshoots are ones that include small children and dogs.

I know it sounds crazy!

But when we are able to capture that one magical photo where everyone looks at the camera and looks beautiful, I LOVE IT!

When I show the photo to the parents, I love seeing them exhale with relief and beam with happiness at their beautiful family.

Here's a magical moment from their shoot:

I hadn't seen Beatrice since her newborn family photoshoot, may how she's grown!

It seems like I was photographing her beautiful water birth just yesterday!

Big Sister Cassie is sure to teach Beatrice all the ways of chorus life, the fun of reading, how to make loom band bracelet, master Pokemon Go of course and more!

That little shamrock headband just kills me!

Cassie figured out what location I had in mind for the next photo. She ran to the gorgeous pine trees and climbed right up!

Ginger wasn't so fond of nature.

Beatrice giving Ginger some lovin,

Look at her smile!!

Heather's St. Patrick's day card said, "How did we get so lucky?"

aaaah, let the tears fall.

I love how Beatrice is eating the sign!

I love that Heather and Jason are lovingly looking at each other, Cassie is admiring how cute her baby sister is, and Beatrice is having fun being a baby. <3

Levinson Family,

Thank you so much for inviting me along to capture your family journey. I can't write enough about how much you all mean to me! Enjoy these photos for all the years to come!

Happy St. Patrick's Day!


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