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Baby Jude's Newborn Session

Kassie and Kevin invited me into their home in Lewisville, North Carolina to meet and photograph their newborn baby!

I walked into a woodland nursery that stopped me in my tracks.

Kassie painted the tree mural on the wall of her baby's room! I was SO impressed. You could see the amount of love that went into every detail.

I met the star of the show, baby Jude, and OH MY GOODNESS, he is precious!

We had fun with all of his ADORABLE hats!


That little acorn hat!

Jude is SO lucky to have grandparents that love him to the moon and back.

In the days waiting for baby Jude, they put their love into hand made blankets, using colors inspired by the nursery.

Their dog got a little jealous and wanted to show me he could be cute and lay on the blanket too.

They have an abundance of cuteness in their home.

As I posed their sleeping baby, I could hear Kassie and Kevin behind me, admiring how cute their son is.

These two new parents radiate love.