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Hudson's Lifestyle Newborn Portraits

A few weeks after Hudson was born, I traveled from my house in Ardmore (near Winston-Salem) and arrived at his new home in Thomasville, North Carolina.

There I found him sound asleep in the arms of his parents, Christie and John.

After we met, I looked around their house for the best lighting. As I stepped into the nursery, I fell in love with all the artsy details carefully place around the room.

I love the yellow walls!

I'm OBSESSED with his paper crane mobile! How fun are those colors!?

I would have never thought to put yellow, lime green and red together but OH. MY. GOODNESS. I love it so much!

Once I found the best spot for Hudson's posed portraits, we put his props in order of priority.

Baby Hudson's Dad, John, wore this onesie when he was a newborn!

We also included a hand knitted onesie John had worn as a baby.

Christie, a child therapist, and John, an engineer, met at a volley ball tournament! So of course we had to incorporate that amazingly, unique detail from their family story.

His hospital keepsakes!

This face!!!

There's nothing quite as sweet as a sleeping baby.

With such edgy, artsy parents, this kid is destined to be cool. We gave him a head start with this photo,

As he began to wake up, we moved into lifestyle family photos. Get ready to have your heart melted by these incredibly sweet little moments.