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The Transition to become a Lifestyle Family Photographer

I'm an accidental entrepreneur (phrase coined by Jasmine Star). I wasn't led by shiny pennies to create a business. I was led by my heart to lead a life helping others using my creative skill sets.

All the experiences in my life (hobby photographer, kid camp counselor, film making student, etc.) led me to start my photography business in 2013.

After juggling my role as a business owner and a mom for a whole 365 days, I finally decided I needed a guru to show me the short cuts to create a solid business, ironing out the wrinkles I knew I had.

Thus, BAM! I invested in "The Path to Profitability" with Jasmine Star. She's been a voice guiding me through this adventurous journey for years and I'm so excited she launched her class with such perfect timing.

During the first module, we were told to identify our ideal client. We were told to pick one person, but as a do-it-all photographer, I loved photographing everyone in all stages of life!

With my stubborn attitude (that my mom would call my "independent spirit" as a child), I decided everyone was my ideal client and I'd speak to them all.

I opened up my facebook, Instagram, my blog, and start to type, but have no idea who I was talking to. The bride? The Mom? The graduate? The business owner? The actor?

I wanted to create helpful content for my clients and get to know them. Trying to create this relationship with everyone was SO overwhelming.

Damn, Jasmine knows her stuff (duh! - that's why you're paying her).

I came to the realization I needed to narrow my focus in order to give my clients the personal experience they deserve.

I talked to classmates, heard from graduates, who all spoke highly of how they also made the same decision and it transformed their business and their life for the better.Annie Vovan said it best in her blog which I read over and over. I listened carefully to my intuition, and mapped out what I wanted for my business and my life and decided to narrow my photography focus.

So who should I choose?

When do I feel most fulfilled? When do I feel like I'm living out my purpose?

My gut told me right away.

During a family photoshoot.

I emphasize with all of the multitasking and schedule juggling a Mom had to do in order to make her family photoshoot possible. I see the look of anticipation as she hopes her kids behave. I smile with joy when she stands back and admires her children being unapologetically themselves in front of the camera. I cherish delivering photos of genuine moments for their family to save as their precious family heirloom.

Witnessing the family journey of my returning clients is what makes my heart soar. There's nothing quite as special has photographing a maternity session, a birth, a newborn session and work with a family to capture their story throughout the years.

My heart clearly and loudly chose the person I want to serve.

A hardworking Mom who values photos that capture genuine moments which tell their life's story.

But what about the seniors who I love? Or the business professionals who I love creating headshots and marketing collections with to help them bring their business to the next level? The bride who values candid photos over posed portraits just like I do? What about everyone else!?

A photographer who is older and more experienced than I, told me that I'm not necessarily closing the doors to people who fall into different categories. I can still photograph weddings, headshots and more, but for people who are authentically drawn to my photography style and are inspired by the way we collaborate together.

For instance, if a Mom I know needs headshots for her new job, or photos for her blog, or a photographer for her kid's wedding, I'm there for her! We know that we collaborate well together and speak each other's language.

If we have worked together in the past, this transition does not mean I am turning people away, it only changes how I am marketing myself to attract more wonderful people like those already in my tribe.

So, my transition to becoming a lifestyle, family photographer means the following:

  • I will be starting conversations (on facebook & Instagram) so I can get to know families in my area and how I can serve them

  • helpful content (on my blog, instagram, facebook & website) will be tailor made for families

  • specials/events I host will be created for families

  • I'll photograph weddings, headshots, and more for those whom I have collaborated with before or those who are already party of my tribe

I hesitate to jump into the unknown, but I'm excited for the new journey!

I can't wait to create a more personal, customized experience for Moms who value photos that capture genuine moments of their family life.

Thank you for coming along on the ride and being a part of my sensational tribe.

Enjoy the little moments today,


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