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Bailey Park Lifestyle Photoshoot

If you would like to capture iconic Winston landmarks in your lifestyle photos, Bailey Park is a perfect location!

Just look at the view:

During my sister's spring break from UNCW, we had a picnic next to the grassy open space that overlooks the city.

Beautiful stone steps lead down from the picnic area to the grass space.

Arlo could play with rocks for hours.

Across from Bailey Park, passed the Piedmont Leaf Lofts, is a new greenway with great views of Winston.

These photos were taken around noon. I think it would be even prettier after 5:00pm.

Here's what I recommend:

- bring small desserts and a blanket for a dessert picnic

- pack a frisbee, bubbles, a kite, or any lawn games your kids love to play

- wear walking shoes to walk on the greenway afterwards

At the end of your lifestyle photoshoot, you'll have photos of your family genuinely having fun, being themselves with your beautiful home city of Winston as the background.

If you want to set up your family afternoon of fun and invite me along to take photos, e-mail me at . Let me know you want to have a lifestyle family photoshoot at Bailey Park, send me your available dates and times, and we'll plan an evening of fun to remember!

Enjoy the little moments today,


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