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C.G Hill Memorial Park: Lifestyle Photoshoot Location

If you travel about 15 minutes from Winston-Salem, towards Reagan High School in Pfafftown, you will come across C.G Hill Memorial Park. If you go too fast around the bend, you might miss it. This park is often overlooked, but is a beautiful location to spend time with your family.

You'll first come upon a pond where a few people might be fishing or enjoying a good book. Nearby is a small but pretty gazebo.

Walk passed the gazebo and you can cross a beautiful bridge to a short trail that winds through the woods.

If you walk around the winding trail, through the woods and past the pond, you'll find a hallow tree.

Near the tree is a hill that leads up and away from the pond. When you read the top, you'll see an open field with a walking trail. This field is perfect for flying a kit or having a picnic.

C.G Hill Memorial Park is a wonderful place for a relaxing afternoon or morning with the family. Bring a book, a kite, a picnic and you'll be all set! Enjoy!


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