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How to Dress for Your Photoshoot

In a lifestyle family photoshoot, the main goal is to carpe diem, embrace the genuine moment.

So if putting together outfits brings you stress, don't do it!

Wear whatever makes you feel comfortable and happy.

You can wear your PJ's at home, let your kids go crazy and pick whatever they want to wear! Or embrace your wild side and tell your family to put together the tackiest, funnest, wildest outfit that they've always wanted to wear.

Do you!

If putting together outfits brings you joy, I would recommend choosing a color palette first.

What colors would I recommend?

Well, there are many colors of the rainbow and they are all beautiful.

I would start by looking at the colors in your closet. Since I'm a picky dresser, I would choose my own outfit first. Then I would see what colors are in that outfit, and find two colors that compliment. Then I would build the rest of the family's outfits off that!

If you need help choosing a color palette, Pinterest is your best friend for that. Say, I wanted to wear an olive dress. I would go to Pinterest and look up "olive color palette".

Since I'm wearing an olive dress, I would ask my family to wear yellow/orange, a grey/blue, a dark aqua blue and a neutral like the brown pictured or dark grey would work too.

For Catrena's photoshoot, she used a pastel pink, olive, navy, tan and white!

For Heather's St. Patrick's Day Photoshoot, they wore green, navy, light grey, and her shirt tied all their colors together with hints of accent colors like pink and orange! I'm a sucker for a piece that ties all colors together.

That is just one way to coordinate outfits that I really enjoy. Of course you may enjoy a more "matchy matchy" look or something entirely unique! Anything goes!

Just be comfortably, and happily you!

~ Alisha

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