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Lifestyle Family Photoshoot Location: Hanes Park

Hanes Park is right behind RJR High School. I love taking families with small children and pets to this location because it is often not too crowded (here's hoping I don't jinx it!).

A beautiful stone stair case leads down to the playground. Here Erin and her Dalmatian Cleo snuggled up for a photo.

Right across from the stone stair case, and passed the playground is a bold, green bridge.

Heather, Cassie and Jason celebrated their journey crossing over their own bridge and into life as an engaged couple. Years later I photographed the birth of their little girl! Aaaah the feels.

Around the corner is a dirt path that leads under a tree and to an open grassy area.

Here one summer afternoon, cousins met for a family reunion!

Since no one was around, Cleo was able to run free.

During the fall, there are two trees that turn a beautiful golden yellow. Here Heather and Cassie had a Halloween mini photoshoot!

Hanes Park in Winston-Salem is also a perfect place for dress twirling.

If you like:

- playgrounds

- bridges

- a grassy area for kids and pets to roam

this location may be a wonderful place to have your lifestyle family photoshoot.

Enjoy the little moments today,


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